Sunday, 24 June 2007

Oh me gawd.......let me try again

The shed gone
If you click the pic its the finished product - sorry can't get inorder
Note the new shed
Old shed gone and 2 lawnmowers
The old bird under the 'patio'

Ok back again....

I really am struggling, it isn't easy - I'm trying to get the pics in order to show you my garden...once again. Ok this time lets see how I get on...The sequence is, cleaning out the shed

shed before it was taken away, it was ready to fall down! have you ever in your life seen a not-exsistant garden or lawn, not 1 mower for the magnificent lawn - mowers!! The pic with the tent - yip the gazeebo well actually its our makeshift patio Hee! Hee! its been great as we've had a lot of rain so we can hang the laundry outside.....we are like squatters!!

Our friends John and Jenny Ball we know them from His People cell group - gave a as many plants as we could carry back in our 'little pumpkin' - yip the yellow racing car! Man did we load it up - THANKS John & Jenny you are Stars.....

The magnificent spectical in the large hat is non other than the author herself. Hmmmm - no chance of Hollywood snapping her up for a plumb roll at the 'bioscope'. Any of you out there know what a bioscope is?

I seems to be jumping around all over the place, one subject to another - so you'll have to put up with it until I'm a pro-blogger......the pics are still down loading. Ok so they ended up in the wrong place - oh well .....
Pops says I better send before I loose the entire page AGAIN!!! aaaaaaagh!!
Ok so tomorrow will be a more professional page - Cheers from Croc alias Lois Lane

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KJ-Starre said...

Hey are doing great. Your blog is looking very professional.
One comment tho'...your pictures are WAY too big. It must take a month to up load them.....and it takes even longer for me to open them. Re-save them into a file on your desktop just for the internet...,make each pic 72dpi and they should be alot smaller and easier to upload. Also when you upload a pic into your always posts itself at the top of your post. You must click on it then drag...drag...drag until it is re-positioned where you want it. Another thing.. you cannot loose a automatically saves itself as a draft...see the edit posts link? Click on it and it brings up a list of your drafts and posts...edit from there and re-post your "lost" one.

Have a look on my blog at the Slide link {the floating scrapbook pages} it is an online site that stores pics for you. You could also have all your pics there for people to browse through whenever they feel like an update of the Petzer's-Abroad.

Can't wait for the next exciting episode.