Monday, 16 June 2008

What is that?

Isn't it too cute for words! My first bottle of skimmed farm milk in a glass bottle delivered at 6am this morning! Amazing - it wasn't swiped! Farmers are desperate to find extra income, other than the major supermaket chains. Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda pay the farmer about 1p a litre. I get 3 pints of fresh farm milk delievered 3x a week (goodness knows how I'm going to finsh all 3 pints) but anyway, £1.74 a week - NOOoooo don't convert it, its expensive in RRR'sss but alcheapo in pennies....I'm waiting for the blackbirds to discover this tasty morsel and peck holes in the lid!! hee hee. MDH has a fit because the cars are covered in bird poo - do you see the worried look in my eyes???? Nooooowwww.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Still have sunshine!!

Wall to wall sunshine again - no I can't believe it! Even my birds are chirp-happy. I filled the water dish, put up a fat ball, turned my back for a second and there he was the black bird, chik,chik, chiking.

My little front garden is looking gorgeous at the moment its all the sunshine and fertilizer, but hang on who is that lurking about? What is it? Can it be the watch dog Bon-Bon?

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Days - make the most of them

The weather has been fabulous lately, warm sunny days, lazy days, gardening days, chilling out days, tidying up days, days when you don't feel like doing anything, and then the house looks like a 'bomb' has hit it...we've had these days for the last 2 weekend, yikes that's amazing for UK, I keep looking up just waiting for those grey clouds to come tumbling in, but no, not a sign. I'm having such fun with wild birds! Yip, at our local town market on a saturday morning the main street is chock-a-block with stalls - one of them being a wild bird seed stall, selling all manner of seeds, you name it they sell it. Fat balls - seeds in every shape and form, even dried eel worms uuuugh....anyway, lard mixed with seeds and dried worms shaped in balls ready for the bird feeder - a bird's gormet should see my tree - bird feeders, fat balls, seed trays, water trays on the ground under the tree. I 'swear' I can hear the different birds calling their mates, I can identify a black bird, who waits for me to finish hanging up the fat balls, I hear him with his funny little chip, chip chip, then as soon as my back is turned there he is, chirping up a storm, calling all his mates for the feast. Blue tits, robins, 'mossies', starlings, pidgeons, and enormous doves. And this evening my first squirrel, so tomorrow lunchtime I'm off to woolworths for a squirrel feeder and nuts!! MDH is going balistic, he got out of the car the other day and 'clobbered' his head on a fat ball feeder - oh dear!!

This blog is for a special person - COLEEN - my sister you see she has MND - Coleen knew every bird imaginable. She could identify a bird from the call, and anything about that bird. Please support the MND association, read about it and support it where ever you can.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Little Sister

Thinking deeply about your sister - they are precious; think of the days growing up, school days catching the bus to school, playing sport, having friends, listening to the Beatles, and Lyons Maid Hits of the Week 9am on a Saturday, NOT to be missed. Lying in the sun and singing along to the Mersey sounds from Liverpool, Jerry and the Pacemakers, starched petticoats ready for the 'dance' with a real band, dancing, twisting, jiving, doing the 'surfboard' -dancing till 12 and then its home in dad's car, boyfriend would get the riot-act thrown at him should he dare bring home daughter 1 minute after 12; sneak kisses with a 'teddyboy', man our mothers' if they knew would kill us!! These teddy boys - very tight James Dean jeans, beatles chelsea boots with a heel, and very pointed toes, shiny jacket if your mother could afford to buy one, shirt sleeves rolled up tightly and high up to show muscles ----phew---- brylcreem to slick the sides of an Elvis hair cut, and a 'wave' hanging in the eyes, all part of 60's look. Then some UK chick walks into the room looking like Twiggy, micro mini skirt, white pantihose baby doll shoes, teased hair, fringe combed from the top of the head to the eyelashes - those were the days my friend, I wish they'd never end........da de dah de da da da da dahhhhhhhh. 1966 college / gone were the big skirts and starched rainbow petticoats and high heels, in with minis, dolly rocker shoes, beatles pantihose and 'Flower Power' and beginning of Age of Aquarious........

Monday, 2 June 2008

My sister's paintings

Wonderful paintings created by my sister!

Sunday, 1 June 2008


well, here I am at the beginning of June and thinking 'where the heck has the year gone?' is it because I'm getting old? are as old as you feel. Most days, I'm hyped up and rearing to go, gazing at my wardrobe in the morning; 'hmmmm what should I wear today' on comes the vest, brightly coloured top, black trousers, cork shoes and bling is mostly, shell with string tied thro' - Clueless get a life......

Actually when I look in the mirror and I see this middle aged woman staring at me, crows feet and all, I think, 'that's not me, I don't feel like that!!' I suppose its true the saying, you are as young or old as you feel, I don't feel almost 60, don't know what age I feel.....Come on Clueless - stop waffling.....


Do you know that my sister only started painting about 18 months ago, and now she can no long paint? We need to stop complaining about headaches and back ache, how many of us are guilty of saying, 'I'm starving' - we need to think before we say these things, because my sister can hardly eat any more. This post is to get people thinking of few people know of this disease. Take a look - google mnd uk and read Johnny's Story - a running diary of a footballer diagnosed at 35. Pictures/posters appeared on the walls of the London Underground. My sister was diagnosed 1 year ago and she is very ill. Love your sister/s - and where possible donate to the MND organisation in your city. It is hideous and cruel.