Thursday, 28 June 2007

This bla.....y blogger....drives Clueless maaaal

Look at these two = nothing to do all day but dream of the ones that got away....yeh right......Read on.......Clueless has the answers to those questions of WHO they are. Bunch of wannabee fishermen....could be.
Clueless has just let me know that some unknown street walker / beggar has approached the vest operatives - could he be looking at ways of stealing that bakkie? He is using a child I suppose some street urchin - 'Uncle my dad has 6 kids, no job, mommy is a scape-booker (what the heck is that?) and won't cook food' - ag sis tog I think she should go and live with Max's Gramsy - who? Gramsy? Who is this Gramsy? some old tart living in a caravan I suppose......he!he!
Hello who is this with the grey haired old bloke? Could THIS be the woman......No way hosay looks like she doesn't have any teeth....

OKay folks yet again.......I'm about to kick Clueless out of the office - she is just ccraaaazeeeee....she doesn't know how to add a pic, honestly Clueless go away let me do it! I said go away.......... have you noticed how Clueless put in the pics.....nowhere near the scrip......hmmmmmwhat is a person suppose to do.

So for some professional action from Croc - yes I am the one and only Croc reporting about that old grey haired bloke in vests, ....but wait.....there's some other bloke in a vest....this is creepy......they look like mountain men, could he be the fatom fisherman that the old bloke speaks about?,........Clueless Lane needs to investigate. Is it a man, is it a fisher - man, no wait they look like skolies, probably fishing in the dustbins for scraps, look at that hat/scarf/bandana/ an Alqada operative - surely not, could it be some bloke working undercover in Adidas. Yes You're Right says Max, undercover operative........
Now this is a load of C and bunch R. Where is that old bloke with my tea.......Clueless Clueless where are you? Come back you can have your job back.
Phew where was I, got carried away for a second....oh yes did you know that the old bloke has a sister?
The next issue.......have to wait. Croc signing out......

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KJ-Starre said...

Mother, now I know you have lost it. What a lot of very funny {C}!

I can tell you are having a blast! I can't wait for the next episode. Go and find the big slakker...Clueless! Definitely time for a warning...or something even more yukkie.....toilet duty.