Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Little Sister

Thinking deeply about your sister - they are precious; think of the days growing up, school days catching the bus to school, playing sport, having friends, listening to the Beatles, and Lyons Maid Hits of the Week 9am on a Saturday, NOT to be missed. Lying in the sun and singing along to the Mersey sounds from Liverpool, Jerry and the Pacemakers, starched petticoats ready for the 'dance' with a real band, dancing, twisting, jiving, doing the 'surfboard' -dancing till 12 and then its home in dad's car, boyfriend would get the riot-act thrown at him should he dare bring home daughter 1 minute after 12; sneak kisses with a 'teddyboy', man our mothers' if they knew would kill us!! These teddy boys - very tight James Dean jeans, beatles chelsea boots with a heel, and very pointed toes, shiny jacket if your mother could afford to buy one, shirt sleeves rolled up tightly and high up to show muscles ----phew---- brylcreem to slick the sides of an Elvis hair cut, and a 'wave' hanging in the eyes, all part of 60's look. Then some UK chick walks into the room looking like Twiggy, micro mini skirt, white pantihose baby doll shoes, teased hair, fringe combed from the top of the head to the eyelashes - those were the days my friend, I wish they'd never end........da de dah de da da da da dahhhhhhhh. 1966 college / gone were the big skirts and starched rainbow petticoats and high heels, in with minis, dolly rocker shoes, beatles pantihose and 'Flower Power' and beginning of Age of Aquarious........

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KJ-Starre said...

Croccer....what a cool all you have to go is scan some of your old pic's of the two of you in all your 60's finery I post them here, so we can see ITF (in the flesh).