Monday, 16 June 2008

What is that?

Isn't it too cute for words! My first bottle of skimmed farm milk in a glass bottle delivered at 6am this morning! Amazing - it wasn't swiped! Farmers are desperate to find extra income, other than the major supermaket chains. Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda pay the farmer about 1p a litre. I get 3 pints of fresh farm milk delievered 3x a week (goodness knows how I'm going to finsh all 3 pints) but anyway, £1.74 a week - NOOoooo don't convert it, its expensive in RRR'sss but alcheapo in pennies....I'm waiting for the blackbirds to discover this tasty morsel and peck holes in the lid!! hee hee. MDH has a fit because the cars are covered in bird poo - do you see the worried look in my eyes???? Nooooowwww.


KJ-Starre said...

That is so cool Mumsie! I love the little retro bottle....good idea of yours to support the local farmers.

allie said...

Hi Linny,
Just to say thanks for popping in at my blog.

Bizarrely, I thought everyone knew about the situation re Zim and SA!

Just because it is SO in our faces at the moment.

I was wondering what the teachers over there would find interesting about it -that you would want to show it to them?

Love the comment about the milk bottle !
Only a S African would marvel at the fact that it wasn't swiped before she got to it!!

Glad to hear you are loving the UK.

Lynette said...

Hi Linny,
Thank you for introducing yourself! I will be praying for your sister and trust that the Lord will strengthen you through this time.