Sunday, 15 July 2007

Croc reporting for duty aay aay sir

Umph! wot can aaaay saaaay! Its the old scrapper feeding the skollie hot dogs but WHO are THEY?? Don't tell me another lot off the street? ag the big bloke doesn't even have any shoes...Come on Clueless I want news real news, and proper paparazzi the Beckhams in LA, not Kirstenhof stuff!!?
Did you see I sent 3 blogs this time of Stev - anyway just a shorti today, its sunday weather as usuual is lousy. No news from old clueless, she's probably having a cream tea somewhere! The old greyhaird bloke is putting up light fittings bought from car boot sale 2 for £2 bargain.....brushed stainless like T's big one in the office only a lot smaller.
Oh news just in -Well done CLueless - Stev called out at 3am boat rescue got back at 7this morning...
Over and out from Lymington

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