Friday, 13 July 2007

More pics of the greek - the who? huuuugh?

Could this be Yolanda? Is it is it, Clueless get on to're right it is - well done Clueless you've cracked it, and oh wait, is it - theeeee one and only Adidas operative without his disguise, yes it is ! Clueless you are amazing its the Petzer clan, but wait who is it, who are they in the background....could it be relatives? Clueless for goodness sake get on to it, this is a story waiting to happen....thank goodness the Croc has her eyes and ears open for a good story.....Hang on, is that the world renown chef in black, she bakes greek biccies for the masses...yip we're on to a story here...Yet again, the chef, no it can't be, she can multi task, takes pictures I suppose for money, yes, thats it, Clueless has a rival........hmmmmm

Want to know something, hmmmm these greek people can sure cook, Clueless get on the phone make a booking I'm sure they have 'an eat as much as you can' establishment. I seem to remember its close to a beach.....oh well, suppose they're fully booked for barbies.....set out on a blanket, under a blue sky, no rain, sunshine ....oh we can dream....can't qqqiiiiet make out who the elbow belongs to.....
Suppose some bloke said its not what you know but WHO you know, yes - he knows this family, COULD he also be greek.....?? They're everywhere, infiltrating the as much as you can establishments. sigh!!!

Ok bye

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KJ-Starre said...

I like how you are getting the pics in amongst the journaling. Good job Clueless! At least you are starting to show some promise. I was absolutely sure you would have been out on your ear by now!! You just never know what potential lies buried, do you? Although that might be stretching it a bit with you, don't you think. You should be taking better notice how Croc does she is a pro!!!