Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Bus rides and churches

So while I'm dictating - WHAT does Lois do - yip ends up in edit and then presses delete.....ok so I'm at it again...where was I? :0} well we laughed, we ate and joked and walked and walked our feet 'stikent' (sp) did you know that on the tiny little speck in the Med Sea called Malta are 365 churches and Cathedrals? Oh my goodness I think we saw 10 and then we were 'churched-out'. Mother Mary everywhere, on buildings, houses, businesses, street corners, even alters with flashing lights and candles nog al on the buses, Mary is worshipped everywhere> we loved the rides of the bright yellow buses. All throw backs from the 2nd world war. Goodness we were on a bus one evening, pre-1940's jobbi, no brakes, no suspension, careering around every corner, down every hill and this at 8 in the evening. This journey took about 3/4hr, and we sat at the back of the bus and held on for dear life. We laughed till we cried, we could not believe that when it finally reached the bus terminal we were still alive. The K taxis in Cape Town don't have a patch on these guys.

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Kim Watson { KJ-Starre} said...

Hey Clueless....we've missed your incoherent reporting Doll!!! Glad you are back from where ever the heck you've been!!! I can't believe you still have a job cos you know you are bloomin' slack!!! But we'll check back soon in hope of more of this fantastic photo journaling in the last post...I'm assuming you paid Lin to do all the hard slog again???? She takes real fine photo's....& she's all right herself...looking swish for a 'Granny" shhhhhh I don't think you were supposed to know that bit of skinner.....Ouma/Granny/ know in case of 'Old Dear' jokes hahahaha!

We miss you Mum & Pop-a-doodle.