Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Where has she been? Retired? Holiday - could be

Hello all you lovelies out there, waiting with baited breath for the day that the 'Croc' comes out of retirement. Yip she's back, she's back, she's back and you know it.....Did you know - nudge nudge wink wink that, Croc was on holiday? Oh yeah, did you notice the photo - Croc on her hols. Took the old man - you know the one, with the clapped out old van, and the greek and none other than that young operative. Couldn't get away for 5minutes with that lot. Anyway we went to Malta - any idea where that is? Go look on a map, somewhere in the med.
Lois Lane was in charge of the office, fat lot of good she was, never once took a message or put the answering phone on....

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