Thursday, 29 May 2008

Someone Special

I've given Clueless the day off and said ' go find news', gimme a break, vamoos, skedaddle, so I can have peace and quiet for a change.

All of you out there has someone special. I have that 'someone special'. My 'Someone' is and will always be gifted in my heart for ever and in every possible way :-) played the guitar, banjo, violin, piano fabulous voice, carpenter extra-ordenaire, DIY specialist, hiker, camper, fantastic BBQ'er, the best Math teacher ever, gardener, dog-lover, boogie-boarder, will go the extra mile for you, good listener, gave sound advice and cared. And that someone is my sister - Coleen. She is now unable to do all these marvelous things = you see - she has MND.

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