Sunday, 1 June 2008


well, here I am at the beginning of June and thinking 'where the heck has the year gone?' is it because I'm getting old? are as old as you feel. Most days, I'm hyped up and rearing to go, gazing at my wardrobe in the morning; 'hmmmm what should I wear today' on comes the vest, brightly coloured top, black trousers, cork shoes and bling is mostly, shell with string tied thro' - Clueless get a life......

Actually when I look in the mirror and I see this middle aged woman staring at me, crows feet and all, I think, 'that's not me, I don't feel like that!!' I suppose its true the saying, you are as young or old as you feel, I don't feel almost 60, don't know what age I feel.....Come on Clueless - stop waffling.....


Do you know that my sister only started painting about 18 months ago, and now she can no long paint? We need to stop complaining about headaches and back ache, how many of us are guilty of saying, 'I'm starving' - we need to think before we say these things, because my sister can hardly eat any more. This post is to get people thinking of few people know of this disease. Take a look - google mnd uk and read Johnny's Story - a running diary of a footballer diagnosed at 35. Pictures/posters appeared on the walls of the London Underground. My sister was diagnosed 1 year ago and she is very ill. Love your sister/s - and where possible donate to the MND organisation in your city. It is hideous and cruel.

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KJ-Starre said...

I love this post Mum....really honest & real. Don't let anyone fool are an absolute babe...the fact that you are almost 'very big' is neither here or there. I love your attitude to life, the way you dress, the way you find humour in everything.
**You are a super star to us...croc!!